# Restore Lightning Wallet

If you already have a Lighting Wallet and want to restore it, you can do so via the myNode interface.

# Restoring a Lightning Wallet

First, click on Manage under the Lightning app on the myNode home page.

Then, click on "Restore Wallet from Seed" on the Lightning page.

You will need your seed phrase and Static Channel Backup file!

Note: You will only see the Restore button if no wallet exists. If a wallet had been created, you will first need to delete the Lightning wallet via the settings page.

On the next page, enter your seed phrase and upload your Static Channel Backup (SCB) file. Click Create.

This will restore you on-chain balance, close all channels that had been opened, and restore those funds in you on chain wallet. Seeing the channel funds appear may take a while.

Your Lightning wallet is now setup and ready to use!

# Manual Recovery

If all funds do not re-appear, you may need to use the lightning CLI to recover or check on the status of channels that are being closed.

Below are more resources for recovering wallets.

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