# Find your Device's IP Address

In some scenarios, it can be useful to know your device's IP address. Here are several ways to find it.

# Option 1 - On the Status Page

First, if you already have access to the web interface, you can navigate to the Status page and the local IP address of the device will be listed at the top, under the Info heading.

# Option 2 - Via your Router

If you connect to your home router, normally via a web page or an app, there is typically a section on connected devices. Routers may vary, but the devices are typically listed by name and IP address. Look for a device with the name "MyNode" and find its IP address.

# Option 3 - Via a Network Scanner

Applications like Advanced IP Scanner or Angry IP Scanner can also scan your network and find devices and their IP addresses. Look for a device named "MyNode" and its IP address should be displayed.

# Option 4 - Via a Computer Monitor

Finally, if you attach a monitor and keyboard to your device, you can find the IP address. After connecting the additional hardware, you should see a login prompt. Log in with the username "admin" and your MyNode password. After successful login, a banner should be displayed that includes the device IP address. Additionally, running the command "ip addr" will provide more network information.