# Premium+

# What is Premium+?

Premium+ is a service that is included with all MyNode orders and includes support along with a ton of additional features. Many of these features can be unlocked by connecting your device to your account on mynodebtc.com via an Access Token.

# Features

Premium+ Includes and number of wonderful features and services.

  • Extended Support
  • Remote SCB Backup
  • Lightning Watchtower
  • Monitor you Node

# Extended Support

MyNode Premium support, that has been included with all purchases, can be very helpful to get bugs fixed or to help diagnose issues, but ends after a year. Extending Premium+ includes additional Premium Support and access to our new support ticketing system.

# Remote SCB Backup

When using Lightning, an important aspect of the backup procedure is to ensure you have access to your seed phrase as well as a copy of your Static Channel Backup file. This file is updated each time you open or close a Lightning channel and is important for helping close channels and recover funds if a recovery is necessary. In the event of loss or physical damage to your node, an additional copy may be vital. Remote SCB backup uploads an encrypted copy of the SCB file to MyNode for use when you need it.

# Lightning Watchtower

When using Lightning, especially with peers you do not know or trust, there is a chance your peer may attempt to close your channel based on an innaccurate accounting of funds if you are offline at the time. This creates a potential for your peer to cheat and close the channel indicating they will receive more funds than they should. Having a watchtower monitor your node's channels mitigates this risk.

# Monitor you Node

If you are interested, you can enable remote node monitoring which allows you to view your node's status via mynodebtc.com. This can be helpful when away from your node and allows viewing node information like Bitcoin status, Lightning status, app statuses, and device info.