# Upgrading your myNode

There are two main options for upgrading your myNode device.

# Upgrading - Option 1

The first and easiest option to upgrade your myNode is to purchase myNode Premium (included if you purchased a device). You can see all your options on the Order Now page.

Once running myNode Premium follow these steps:

  1. Go to the settings page
  2. Click on the "Check for updates button" to make sure an update is available
  3. Click "Upgrade" and your device will automatically update to the latest version!

# Upgrading - Option 2

The second option is to upgrade manually.

Follow these steps to manually upgrade to the latest version:

  1. Clone the github repo to your local device
  2. Go to: https://github.com/mynodebtc/mynode#upgrading-your-mynode
  3. Follow the README developer instructions to load the latest code on your device