# Accessing the Linux Terminal

For some issues, it can be necessary or helpful to run specific commands in Linux to diagnose or resolve issues. While this may seem complex, it is easier than you think!

# Using SSH

The Linux Terminal can be accessed via SSH, which allows you to run an app or command on your PC to connect to Linux on your device.

  • Open a terminal on your Mac, Windows, or Linux computer
  • At the prompt, type ssh admin@mynode.local or replace mynode.local with the IP address of your device
  • at the password prompt, type your node's password and press enter (the password will be hidden)
  • Success! You are now connected to your node and can run shell commands
  • To exit, type exit and press enter

Good instructions for SSH access are also available from Raspberry Pi's website. Start following this Guide at step #4.


Once successfully connected, you should see a screen similar to this!