# Install on Virtual Box

# Download

  1. Download the virtual box manager for your operating system from virtualbox.org
  2. Download the virtualBox extension pack from the above website
  3. Download the OVA file from mynodebtc.com (3.2GB)

# Install the Virtual box manager

  1. Double click the virtual box manager (.exe, .deb or .dmg file) and follow instructions to install it.
  2. Double click the Extension Pack (.vbox-extpack) and follow instructions to install it

Note: The extension pack and virtual box manager should have the same version. Please remove any old VM managers.

# Import the virtual image

  1. Double click the mynode_vm_<version>.ova file to launch the Virtual box manager and launch the import window (as seen below).

Virtual Box Manager: import window

  1. Leave the default settings and click on Import. Once it's imported, you should a screen like shown below

Virtual Box Manager: main page

# Launch the Virtual Box

  1. By default the network settings uses the Wired connection. Change the network settings if you want to use wireless network.
    • Click on Settings wheel (or Ctrl+S)
    • Choose the Network tab
    • Enable Network Adapter should be checked
    • "Attached to" should be configured to Bridged Adapter
    • Change the name to appropriate network (eg. wireless network starts with wl)
    • Click on OK to close the settings window

VM Settings

  1. Double click on MyNode from the sidebar and let it open a new window, as shown below.

MyNode Virtual machine: login screen

  1. Enter username as admin and password as bolt
  2. Enter the password again in the Chromium window